Your Local Västerås Photographer, You can call me SHIPPEY!

I want to help you interpret and create and the right brand images for you!

What you say about me!

It’s always fun to hear what you think of me and it boosts me to succeed together with you.

Very professional and great to work with! Would recommend for great headshots.

Louise Hutchinson
Executive Assistant at Snap Inc.

I learned so much about the photography course and now I see things in a whole new way! Warmest recommendations!

Sussa Andersson
Photography workshop student

Warm thanks for both nice pictures and a nice photoshoot for my upcoming book!

Lars Öhman

Brand customize your images and movies

Your photographer and creator Helen loves to create the perfect image for her customers. It is the creation itself that drives her forward, to create the right image for the clients.

Thanks to Helen’s versatile qualities of corporate photography, she can help you produce still images and movies from both drones and from the ground.

Helen has 13 years of experience photographing many different types of corporate clients and has done business photography for large and small companies, from many different places around the world.

Helen worked as a photographer in the Middle East for 9 years, where she frequently traveled around the area and photographed for various clients both local and international. She had a base in Taba, Egypt for 4 years and 5 years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Helen’s 18 years abroad in Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East have made it easy for her to collaborate with all cultures.

Helen is now based out of Västerås, Sweden. Thats where she starts her travels to her various photo assignments around the world and throughout Västra Mälardalen.

Please don’t hesitate to contact her and she will help you with corporate photography and create unique images that suits you and your company.

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Alone is not strong! I like to create together with other creatives!

Alone is strong it used to say, but it is definitely not true! I am social and would love to find creative projects with others. Lets Collab!