We brainstorm together.

A business photography shoot requires quite a lot of time and planning with you in order to get to know you and to get to know your company’s important key values to incorporate them in the pictures. I will be happy to meet you at the earliest stage possible, even when you start to think that you need pictures, so that I can help you in the best way. Thanks to experience, I am good at creating a good understanding of your company’s needs and are happy to help you come up with ideas and suggestions in case you come up empty handed.

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås

Questions we always ask in order to get a good business photography shoot

When we meet you and sit down to talk and brainstorm all thoughts and ideas, we have 3 questions we always ask. These 3 questions help us get an idea of ​​what you want out of the images and help us to get there faster in the process.

What should the image be used for?
Today there are countless possibilities with what you can use your image for. Should it be used for marketing purposes or may it be images to be used internally at the company.

What media are you planing it for?
All the possibilities which are available to take different types of images, just as many platforms and different kinds of media are available to use them on.
In the past, you always turned to the newspapers and magazines to publish your business images, but today we live in a digital world. For us, it is important to know what you intend to use the images for, for example, your website, social media, marketing or all of the above.

What key values should the image convey?
It is very important that I understand your company to be able to take a picture that fits your company and your company culture and key values. That's why I always ask for special key words to be able to highlight them extra in the pictures I take.

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås

A business photography shoot from start to finish

I meet you at your place to get my own idea of who you are and collect all the impressions and feelings I can.
When the photo shoot is taking place it is done at the customers location or other that we have decided together. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get staff and everyone concerned to be excited about a photo shoot and be infront of the camera, but we help you talk to your staff who will be in the photographs.

Should external models be needed for the photography shoot, we will help with that as well as model contracts if needed.

Sometimes you need special props to be able to get the picture “on point” and I can assist with that and source what is needed.

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås

I deliver the pictures I have taken digitally or via a usb. It all depends on what is most convenient for you and what you want.

The photos are submitted no later than 14 days after the photo shoot, unless otherwise is stated before.

When you as a customer get the pictures, they are fully ready for print or for the web depending on what you need.
For event photography we will of course deliver the same day.
/ Helen Shippey

Corporate photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

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