A day with the sports photographer

A day with the sports photographer

Here, the days can look completely different depending on which customer it is and what kind of pictures they are asking for as well as what sport it is.

Capture unique golf images

First and foremost, it is important that you as a photographer take into account the game of golf and from the very beginning have the knowledge of how golf is played.

It is also an advantage to keep track of what the golf course looks like in order to be able to plan where to stand to get the best possible picture.

Some of our customers have already chosen in advance that they want a skyline or a large advertising sign in the picture with the player. In order to achieve their wishes, the player must be followed during their game and it is important to use the right lens and find the right place for it to be the best. Since it is not possible to influence where the player ends up on the course, they do not always end up where the best picture would be, but with the right planning and experience it is always possible to get a great picture.

Golf skyline i Dubai

It's also important to think about the weather and keep track of where the sun is depending on what kind of images you plan to take.

It is also important to remember that as a photographer you can’t disturb the golfer. Like us as photographers, they are there doing their job and do not want to be disturbed during their round. Therefore, it is important that you as a sports photographer have knowledge over how the sport is played and learn when it is ok to photograph and when its not.

Chipspel från bunker i Dubai

Knowledge of the golf course is very important and helpful in planning where to take the picture of the golfer. With experience, you learn how far the players hit and know roughly where they end up, for example, their second shot and you can then plan for the next picture.

Experience and planning

Most of the time, you follow several players so it is important to be careful and check the game schedule of when everyone is playing, to calculate which holes it is possible to capture most of them successfully. So there is quite a lot you need to think about in order to not miss anything and to get the right picture of the right person that the customer is looking for.

I always have an information meeting with the customer in the morning, where I ask what is most important to focus on during that day and what they want today's image to be. Then I know what I need to focus on and what to create.

At the end of the day, I give the customer up to 10 pictures that they have to choose from with the theme they want. The remaining pictures I take during the tournament I deliver when the tournament is over, so the customer can easily look through them, for their own use.

My customers have different thoughts and ideas about what kind of pictures they want on the different players.

Some want so that you see the advertising on the golfer's left arm, some want the background to have the company's sponsorship sign clearly visible and some want a nice scenic background behind the player. So it is important to have your tongue right in your mouth, plan carefully and hope that the golfer lads where you want!

Do you want me to capture your event just let me know!

/Helen Shippey

Sport photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

PGA GOlf players

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