A different kind of graduation in Köping

A different kind of graduation in Köping

I went and documented the graduation at the Ullvigymnasiet in Köping, which I have done several times before, but this year it was clearly a different celebration with Covid-19 where you have to hold social distancing. Personally, I would rather call it physical distancing it is more accurate I think because you can still be social but you have to keep a distance!

Student firande på Ullvigymnasiet 2020

Student Celebration during Covid -19

It will be a different celebration for those who graduate high school this year because we should all keep at least 1.5 meters distance to each other to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

I am in Köping at Ullvigymnasiet and will document how their students can still get their graduation celebration, they so desperately want, while the school still strives for everyone to keep at least 1.5 meters distance to each other.

Människor som står med 2 meeters avstånd till varandra pga. Covid-19

Two people per student

Each student who took graduated was allowed to bring only two people to the celebration in the schoolyard. Unlike other years when the whole school yard is full of relatives and friends who want to celebrate that someone they know takes the student. It's usually hard for me to move around with my cameras but not this year, it was no problem at all to keep 2 meters away from others. I also used my Canon 70-200mm F. 2.8 lens a lot so I didn't have to be so close to the ones I photographed a little extra corona distance you can say.

This year, there were guards and teachers to make sure that only pre-registered persons entered the school area and that everyone was behaving ie. kept their distance to each other well within the schoolyard. I saw two police officers who were also visiting at one point don't know if they checked in to make sure everyone behaved and kept their distance or  if any of them knew someone who graduated....

Studenter vid Ullvigymnasiet i Köping väntar på att få springa ut

Chose their own songs

Each class had to choose their own song that they would run out onto the balcony to, it was just one of many extra perks that the school had made for this years graduates now that the Students got a different celebration. In many ways they got much more this year even though all their friends and relatives were not allowed to attend at the school. All classes ran out on the balcony with 30 minutes between them so they could celebrate and mingle a bit before the next class ran out. I imagine that next year's students in Köping may want to embrace some of the extra perks that this year's graduates in 2020 received. But then we defenetively hope they don't have to celebrate with any restrictions next year.

Tjej studenter som springer med sina betyg i handen

I remember my graduation in Köping!

I also remember my own graduation with my class at the Ullvigymnasiet in Köping about 23 years ago maybe ... Yes time goes by quickly and the school is still very much the same in a good way. I have photographed at Ullvigymnasiet on several occasions in recent years where I have helped Ullvigymnasiet create brand-building images that they then use in their marketing to get students to choose their school and not any other high school for their education.

Studenter vid Ullvigymnasiet som firar

Graduation celebrations in Köping 2020

I always enjoy capturing moments when everyone are truly happy. The mood of everyone is really top notch. The students look so hopeful about their future and bubble of happiness that they are finally graduating. Many had a tough time with the uncertenty of if they could celebrate their graduation or not so a big relieve when they could solve it smoothly. Pupils from the Jippo Council (some students from each class participate in steering up ball and student celebrations) talked with the school and together they came up with how they could celebrate, according to the recommendations of the Public Health Authority to keep a distance.

Student firnade elever och familj vid Ullvigymnasiet i Köping

Photos from the roof

I took the elevator up to the roof to take some creative pictures from above. I had my drone with me, of course, but there are some restrictions with photographing over crowds not because it was a large crowd today but it still requires other permits. Also, I didn't want that kind of images today, I wanted to use my Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 5D Mark III for the purpose and use that the school has with the pictures. I used both cameras in parallel while I was on the roof to quickly change lenses. One I had my telephoto zoom Canon 70-200mm F.2.8 and the other I had a wide-angle lens Canon 16-35mm F.2.8 . So that I can quickly get two completely different kinds of pictures from where I stood. I was on the roof when one of the classes ran out on the school balcony they stand on the balcony for 3 minutes so I knew I only had 3 minutes to get the pictures I wanted.

Mingel bild över många studenter vid Ullvigymnaiset i Köping

Mingle and receiving their grades

Before the students started their graduation celebrations, each headmaster gave a speech to his students and the grades were given out. And they were offered some Swedish fika :)

Tjejer går i led till sitt studentfirande Covid 19 stil med avstånd till varandra

Covid-19-2 meters away

There were markings in the floor for each student to stand so they could easily keep the right distance to each other.

Tjejer går i led till sitt studentfirande Covid 19 stil med avstånd till varandra
Ordnings man och studenter


As long as I were there, I thought everyone was trying to do their outmost to keep a distance and to make sure everyone could run out on the school balcony, if anyone misbehaved, they would have canceled the graduation festivities for everyone. Here you see a guard who makes sure that everyone leaves the school area before the next set of relatives can go in and celebrate their daughters and sons graduation.

Västmanland TV streamed Live

Those who could not attend at the schoolyard in Köping could follow the whole day's broadcast via the TV sofa at home. Västmanlands Television was in place and streamed directly into your TV box you can find the link on their website here .

Music Lyran!

Köpings music choir The lyric was clearly in place and played for everyone who celebrated the student.

Musik Event

Musik Event in Köping was also on site and played music for everyone and spread some extra party joy to the graduates, as well as kept track of which class would have what song when they ran out on the balcony.

A big thank you to Köping Municipality and Ullvigymnasiet for giving me the confidence again this year to capture your graduation celebration. Looking forward to more.

/ Helen Shippey

Your Photographer in Köping!

Musiker med sina instrument

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