Arboga Municiplaity – Ambassadors

Arboga Municiplaity – Ambassadors

I love to capturing people in their own environments. So when I got the assignment to catch Arboga Ambassadors, it felt so right to me. Arboga Municipality had an advertising campaign idea of ​​capturing various proud people living in Arboga. First off was to catch some local traders in their work environments. They were also interviewed so my portrait picture along with their answers about why they think it is so good to work and run companies in just Arboga, was part of their Arboga Ambassador campaign which went out in SJ’s newspaper Kupé and in local newspapers and on Facebook.

Arboga ån

Fun to work as a corporate photographer.

One of the things I find so enjoyable about being a business photographer is that I get to meet so many different people all the time through my different photo assignments.

The Arboga Ambassadors Campaign.

Focus was placed on trading companies that were located in the center of Arboga. The municipality's idea was that its purpose was to get their residents to shop more locally. Everyone understands that customers take impressions of what they are going to shop online / digitally but when you have looked online they later want you to shop locally. So they wanted to highlight 4 of Arboga's companies that many people make use of and make them a little more personal. The Arboga Association in Centrum worked out the campaign together with Arboga Municipality.

Which channels for the campaign?

The campaign was rolled out in, among other things, Facebook where participation and interest was great among the residents of Arboga municipality. You could also see the ads on SJ's own magazine Kupé. Each trader distributed their own pictures of themselves and their business in their premises and to their customers.

Proud Arboga Ambassadors

When I was photographing these 4 chosen companies, I felt that they were really proud to have been chosen as an Arboga Ambassadors which was fun pride is contagious so it's only positive!

Below you will find the respective dealers' campaign ad.

Arboga Ambassadör Carola Andersson Cafe Centrum

Café Center

First off was to photograph the owner Carola Andersson for Café Centrum she runs a super cozy little café which is located on one of Arboga’s squares and very close to the Arboga river you do not sit and look over the river directly, usually you sit so that you look towards the square. It is an old century house and is an old-fashioned cozy café that many tourists visit in the summers.

Arboga ambassadör- företagsporträtt

Hårman - The Next Generation

A local hair salon that is so much more than just a hair salon that so many others are today. It is a family run hairdressing salon. Where the owners are named Jens Lekström and Emelie Hilmersson, it was Jens mother who ran it from the beginning. You can easily book your appointment through their homepage.

Arboga ambassadör- företagsporträtt

Arboga Curtain Shop

Helen Pilerud runs Arboga's super cute curtain shop. It is centrally located in the center of Arboga and is not only a curtain shop but has many gift items and also helps you with the sewing of pants and more.

Arboga ambassadör- företagsporträtt

Adea shoes

Emad Karadza runs Adea shoes which is also centrally located in Arboga opposite the curtain shop.

Proud entrepreneur

It was super fun to meet these people living and working in Arboga in their proud business operations. We also took care of and gathered as many Arboga store owners and employees as possible in the city and photograph them all together.

Profoto B1 with various umbrellas

When I was photographing these people, I used Profoto B1 with umbrellas. When I was photographing Hårman I used Profoto B2 to brighten up the background a bit, so I had 4 different light sources, while on the others I had one or two. How many artificial lights I use depends a little on the location and how the room looks and their existing light if there is something and where it comes from etc. When I photographed the group picture below I had a Profoto B1 with a Profoto XL umbrella to spread the light as evenly over all of them as possible.

Do you also need your business captured? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Corporate photographer inVästra Mälardalen, Sweden!

Arboga ambassadörer grupp bild

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