Do you need a UV filter?

Do you need a UV filter?

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås

I got tips on UV filters

When I started shooting I got tips from other photographers that you should have a UV filter on the lens it was a good insurance if you would bump your lens with something then it was just to replace the filter while your lens was working well. It would also have a function of making blue skies a little bluer something about the UV rays from the sun.

I can say that if you shoot with a digital camera, it does not apply with UV rays in the same way as when you shoot with a film camera.

I exclusively shoot with digital cameras today (Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 5D Power IV and Canon 7D Mark II) but still use a UV filter on all my lenses.

What you should consider when investing in a UV filter do not take the cheapest because then it can deteriorate the sharpness of your lens because you put something in front of the lens which then obscures its view. However, I have never noticed any quality deterioration with the use of UV filters I get super sharp images.

Backlight solar flicker

It is said that some UV filters can degrade it for you when shooting in backlight, ie they create more light flicker in the image than it would have happened without the UV filter. I have never compared myself so do not personally know if it is so. But I like that there is some sun flicker in the lens sometimes it can enhance the feeling in the image as long as it happens in the 'right' place in the image so it does not destroy.

Fotokurs med företagsfotografen Helen Shippey
Det är de runda ringarna som jag kallar solflimmer som eventuellt ett UV filter ger fler av.

Protects your lens

Always have a UV filter on your lens to protect it from dirt and scratches. Can be a cheap insurance so to speak. It helped me once when one of my lenses fell from a high altitude, read more about it here.

However, I have also heard of cases where it has actually become the opposite that when the UV filter has broken into pieces its sharp shards have scratched the lens ... so we can agree on do not drop the lens :)

Use one filter at a time!

I just want to point out the importance of using only one filter at a time, so don't put one Polarizing filter on top of your UV filter.

Maybe it's obvious to you, but I think I was lazy sometimes at first and thought it doesn't matter, it's transparent I put the polarization filter on top of my UV filter. But, as I said, it does, it may degrade what the camera can see and can create dark edges of your image because they are in the way of what the camera is recording and then even capture the filter edge.

Need a UV filter?

Good question it is up to you what you want to spend your money on we have chosen to use UV filters on all our lenses but we also remove them sometimes but usually not. Everything depends a little on what you photograph what is needed for that particular situation.

  • Be aware that a low-quality UV filter can affect the sharpness of your images.
  • The UV filter keeps your lens clean from dirt, scratches, etc.
  • If you accidentally bump your lens into something, hopefully only the UV filter will break and you can easily replace it than buying a new lens which is a much more expensive investment. (Also use a lens hood protection on your lens to protect it from both bangs but also not to get the sun directly into the lens when shooting towards the sun.)

If you have any questions about UV filters then you just comment and I will answer as best I can.

/ Helen

Corporate photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

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