Event photography for Västerås City

Event photography for Västerås City

Now that everyone needs images constantly for their different social platforms, you also need to create content.

An excellent opportunity to create content for your own image bank is when you as a company have an event of some kind. So why not book a photographer when you have something going on in the company?

Mobiltelefon fotograferar i Västerås

Event photography for the city of Västerås, Region Västmanland, ALMI and the Chamber of Commerce Västra Mälardalen!

Everyone at the same time is great when several organizations can collaborate.

Expectrum in Västerås!

The Regions conference took place at Expectrum in Västerås. The city of Västerås wanted some selected photos directly for their various social platforms and to send to the press, VLT and Västerås Tidning.

Fast image delivery!

I solved it by delivering some selected images directly to them during the event and the remaining images the following day via www.wetransfer.com. I like to use wetransfer.com because then I get a confirmation when my customers has downloaded the pictures. I also often use www.dropbox.com but then I do not get a message when the customer has downloaded the pictures which is nice to get.

Företagsfotograf i Västerås
Collin Moon Communications expert


When I photograph an event, it is good to know as much as possible about the company that I work for so that the imagery matches the company's imagery which they usually send out on their website, social platforms and to the press.

Brand-building images!

Remember that all images that you as a company publish on the Internet and other media channels tells something about you and your company. So it is important that you as a person and company can always stand for all the pictures you post, no matter where you post them. Your images can either enhance your brand or do the total oposit. Of course, it is the former that we all strive for!

Collin Moon komiker och retoriker i Västerås
Collin Moon Communications expert

Documentation of your event in Västerås!

Why do you need photos of your company's event?

There are many different good reasons why you should document your event with pictures and maybe even movie clips. I would be happy to help you create creative documentation images from your event that match your brand. The right picture in the right place!

Gruppbild i Västerås

Top 8 reasons why you should document your events!

  1. To have visuals for your company's blog, website, newsletters and social platforms.
  2. Pictures to send to the daily press to talk about what you do / have done to strengthen your brand. (Get media publicity)
  3. For the sake of your employees, reminder of what activities you have done and when, good to be able to show new employees what you as a company are up to.
  4. You have pictures for a slideshow that you can use at the end of the event.
  5. Images to promote similar events at a later date, you may have something happening annually that you need to promote.
  6. Professional images create a sense of credibility with your customers.
  7. The visuals help create a Buzz around your business.
  8. You get imagery for your own image bank that you can use in your marketing.
Två personer från Handelskammaren Västra Mälardalen

Pictures from beginning to end.

I am there before your customers or colleagues arrive until everything ends.

Document your entire event from registration (check-in) to the event, the breaks when everyone mingles and laugh, and of course throughout the event from performers to speakers.

Group activities.

Some group activities are common at such events. Here, everyone were going to hold a bit of a rope to clarify the cooperation between the various organizations that they represented.

A fly on the wall.

I always try not to be noticed as much when I photograph events, definitely do not want to disturb the activities but calmly document what happens naturally. Sometimes I use flash in form at Profoto A1 on the camera body, but I also use natural light to be even more unobtrusive, and the camera is set in the quietest mode that exists so it should not interfere so much.

Action photos.

I'd rather catch your event as it happens and not too many stages images or any at all, id rather capture people when they don't really realize that they are being photographed. I mix between different lenses to be able to shoot as discretely as possible. From telephoto lenses (when I can stand at the back of the room but still capture details to wide-angle lenses to capture the entire room with its atmosphere)

<< Do you have an event you want me to help you capture the feeling of, then I'd like to hear from you, we can discuss together how we can document your event the best. < / p>

Mail. helen@shippey.se

Photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

Fotograf i Västerås
Test on how the different organizations can work together.

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