Little bit nervous

It is not often I am nervous when shooting but when I met one of my own idols I became a little nervous to be honest. But everything was over in 5 minutes.

Helen Shippey fotograf

Press Conference

I am at the Emirates Golf Club during the Omega Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament in Dubai, U.A.E. Golf legend Gary Player was there and had a press conference that I was there to document.

Magazine cover

That's when I took the opportunity to steal him for a few minutes between his TV interviews to take his portrait, which then became a magazine cover in a popular golf magazine in the Middle East.

Dare to ask

You see, I was there to photograph Gary Player's press conference for a customer who needed those photos. The second was a picture I took of being in the right place at the right time and daring to ask if I could take his portrait.

I did not have a customer for that picture until I showed it to a golf magazine. In addition, I was the only photographer to have that photo, everyone else just had pictures from the press conference. So it made my picture more unique in this context, but I was nervous to ask him .. think if he says no, because he was a little busy with booked interviews etc. but if you are a little bit about yourself as I often are (those who know me will agree with this) I always get the image I want. But it is important to be quick and effective on such occasions when a picture cannot take too long because then you will not get the picture and you will definitely not get a second chance.

Strong sunlight

We were outdoors in bright sunlight which is the worst thing ever when taking a picture of a person, it's like asking for strong shadows and panda eyes on the face. But luckily there were some relatively leafy trees nearby so I asked Gary to stand under the trees so they gave him a softer shade from the strong Dubai sun. It also made him look into the camera with open eyes and not squint at me. I thanked Gary Player for the picture and went straight to the Golf Digest magazine which sat in the media center on the golf course where they have their own photographers, and told them that I had a picture of Gary Player. They were super-impressed and wondered if they could use the photo in the next magazine!

Golf legend Gary Player

Lesson learned

If there is to be any lesson to be thought of this experience, then you can say that if you dare nothing then you do not win anything! I might as well have gotten a no and it would have been embarrassing at that time but had gone over pretty quickly, but I might as well have been given a Yes - which I got and then I got one more newspaper cover because no one else asked. Don't know if they didn't dare or what prevented them ?! Do you have something that sometimes stops you?

When did you last go outside of your comfort zone?

/Helen Shippey

Corporate photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås

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