Get started with photography!

Get started with photography!

It’s a new year and maybe you have a New Year’s promise in 2020 to get started with photography? There may be several reasons why it is sometimes difficult to start with something and it does not matter if it is to start going to the gym or photography? For a new photographer, it can feel complicated at first as there are a lot of terms that are good to know. Anyone who has photographed a lot before may instead have lost their geist and are struggling to find their way back to the joy of photography. Regardless of your past photography experience, I want to help you get started because once you are out there with the camera you will really enjoy it!

Fotokurs i Wadköping i Örebro

5 tips for getting started with photography

  1. Instead of looking for a new location at each shooting occasion you can vary the time you are out shooting. You can take many new pictures from the same place depending on whether it is morning or evening but also what the weather is. Don't let a rainy day stop you, but go out with the camera and see the possibilities of finding new images!
  2. If you always stay in the same environment and take pictures, it is sometimes good to change. To be out in nature one day for another day to be in an active urban environment may be what you need for inspiration.
  3. In street photography, I prefer to bring a smaller camera and lens to blend in with the surroundings, and thus get the chance to capture more spontaneous moments.
  4. Look at pictures in magazines and books and think about how they are photographed. Things that are good to keep in mind when looking at an image include from which angle the image is taken, where does the light come from and what lens do you think the photographer has used. Also try to recreate the images you like and thus learn from other photographers and get further inspiration.
  5. As a beginner in photography, it is difficult to know which camera settings to use. One tip is to start taking a picture with the camera's rectangle, this is automatic mode and usually has the color green on the DSLR camera. Then you review the image and think about what you thought was good or bad. Depending on what the camera has chosen to focus on, the photo may sometimes be too dark or light. You then set the camera to A / Av (aperture option) and set the same numbers that the camera automatically selected. In this step, you can adjust camera settings based on how you want the image to look. For example, if you want the photo to be darker, there are several ways to do this. A good alternative for beginners is to underexpose the image by moving the meter needle to the numbers that show minus. If you push the needle in the opposite direction, ie against the numbers that show plus, you will instead get a brighter picture. On a Canon DSLR camera, the numbers are in the following order: -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 (The numbers represent how many stops you change the image from the original)
Mamma fotograferar sitt barn
This woman had her daughter with her to the photo course and practiced to take better photos of her.

Evolve as a photographer!

Restricting your use of equipment and photography motif is a great way to find new possibilities and increase your creativity. For example, if you choose to only photograph reflections during your photography session, then you need to use your imagination to be able to capture any picture at all. Once you start looking, you will realize that there are reflections a little here and there and probably in more places than you previously thought. Reflection tips are windows, plexiglass, mirrors, puddles, etc.

I recommend that you go through your pictures after you have been out photographing. Look at both small and large details and reflect on what is good but also on what you could have thought of for next time. This is an extremely important part of continuing to evolve and to see your own progress.

Despite the above tips, the most important thing is sometimes to just keep it effortless and take photos for the fun of it. The bore you practice the better, you get better and the more fun it becomes

Have fun out there and if you have any questions, just ask me!

/ Helen Shippey

Corporate photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

Svartvit bild på en fotokurs

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