How does a family photography shoot work?

How does a family photography shoot work?

With a family photography shoot real feelings between people get captured and you will receive beautiful and personal images that reflect your family. Photographs that you can carry with you in life and look back on with joy and warmth.

Foto av glada barn

Personal family pictures in an outdoor environment.

Together we select a location that is suitable for photography, sometimes you as a customer have a favourite place that you have already thought of and want to be photographed at. When we are photographing outdoors we do it in a playful way to get natural and beautiful pictures. It is also possible to take pictures at home, you decide which you prefer, it is more popular to do it at an outdoor location. That’s the trend right now!

It is common for us to meet at either a nice playground where the children already know and feel comfortable or in a nice park area where the children can run freely. It is an advantage to be in a place with the possibility of different photo environments to get different kinds of photographs. Of course, I as a photographer will help you with a great spot that suits you and your family.

Liten tjej i skogen
Slutartid 1/160 bländare F.2.8 ISO 320, fokuserade på ögat med autofokus. Fotograferat med en Canon 5D Mark IV och Canon EF 70-200mm f.2.8 L IS USM

Digital image files or albums.

After two weeks you get to view your images in an online gallery and then choose which ones you want. You can buy images separately on fine art paper or get digital image files and have the images on the computer. It is also possible to buy albums with a selection of your pictures in it, it is always fun to flip through an album together with the whole family.

Människa i naturen

How long does the photography shoot take?

A family photography shoot usually takes up to 1 hour where we take pictures in different environments, you are welcome to bring a change of clothes if you wish to get a bit of variety in your photographs.

Foto av dansande människa

How to book a family photography shoot?

Email me a request and I will revert back to you with what days I have available and which prices that apply.

You choose the date that best suits you, a booking fee must be paid to secure your date.

What if my child gets sick?

There is no problem if your child falls ill, we will of course book a new date for you. The important thing is that you notify me as soon as you can.

Just holler if you want me to capture your family.

/ Helen

p>Photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

Foto av barn i grönska

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