Industrial photography in Eskilstuna

Industrial photography in Eskilstuna

Are you looking for an industrial photographer in Eskilstuna or Västerås? Then I will be happy to help you!

Eskilstuna Data Mekan is changing their logo and website and then of course they need new fresh business photographs that fit who they are today!

Jocke at Formarte who makes their entire new graphic profile and website reached out to me regarding that his customer needed new images for their new website.

Collaborations between us small business owners is great fun because then all of a sudden you have a few more ‘colleagues’ for a while during the project. Some projects last longer than others. But it is always just as fun to collaborate with other companies in Eskilstuna – thank you for the trust Jocke!

Tjej i en Industrimiljö i Eskilstuna

Industrial Photography!

When it comes to industrial photography, it is often very expensive to have a machine standing still, we sometimes talk millions of dollars per minute. So when I come and have to photograph how a machine works inside an industry, which in this case is in Eskilstuna, it is important to be fast and efficient. The more information I have about a machine, about what it does, the better pictures I can take and understand what should be included in the picture or not, ie. what is most important. 

Eyes in the back of your neck

For industrial photography, it is good to have eyes in the back of your neck. By that I mean that those who work there know about their rules and routines and where people come and go, so when I as an industrial photographer come in, it is a new element for them that they have not calculated or perhaps experienced before. So I need to have eyes in the back of my neck so I do not get run over by a truck or other machine that comes passing by or needs to get to into the aisles.

Man i en Industri miljö i Eskilstuna

Where should the images be used?

If I know from the beginning how and where the images are to be used, I can photograph exactly the images they want on site. I always photograph a few more that I see on site. As in this case, I saw potential in pictures in many places that in this case the customer did not see and therefore did not ask for them, because he did not think it could be a nice picture.

I see the potential!

With experience of photographing many different industries, I take the same out of the box thinking with me to all my photography shoots. I see the potential where many others do not see a nice picture at all.

Sometimes you may need to exclude a little to highlight what you want while sometimes you need to include more in your image. If I know how the customer intends to use my photos, I can photograph on site directly as the image is intended to be used, portrait or landscape photos. Of course, all images can be cropped, but then there is a risk that something you want to include in the image must be cropped away to fit in size. 

Tjej i en Industri miljö i Eskilstuna
Helen Shippey in action.

Photographic equipment!

I always carry a plethora of photo equipment that I may need to use. However, I often do not use everything but I like to be prepared so I can be as creative as the situation and the picture requires.

In an industry, I quickly found that using a flash with a tripod took up too much space and could potentially be a bit dangerous for everyone involved because the colleagues at Eskilstuna Data Mekan must be able to continue performing their usual tasks. 

Profoto A1 - so flexible

I used a lot of the small Profoto A1 portable flashes I have. But I also used a lot of existing light, depending on what feeling I wanted to create and the amount of light I had. But to be an industrial workshop, it was very bright, I must say. I do not always have it so luxurious with so much existing light.

Tjej med kamera väska går i en industri lokal

Lens and camera body

For this job, I used many different lenses and three different camera housings. What I use when depends a lot on what I am going to photograph and again where the image is to be used and in what way. It is important that I know what is important about the image. So I make the right place of the image sharp. (I choose where the viewer's eyes will fall in the picture through where I have focused).


Canon 100mm Macro F2.8,

Canon 50mm F1.4,

Canon 70-200mm F2.8

Canon 24-70mm F2.8

Canon 16-35mm F2.8


Canon 5D mark 4

Canon 5D mark 3

Canon 7D Mark 2

cylinder i en industri där en man arbetar med cylindern

Lighting for your industrial photography

I take pictures in your corporate environment that create a real feeling. I use a lighting method where I mix your existing light you have in your industrial premises with my own Profoto flashes that I take with me. This makes me simply amplify the natural light you already have in your industrial premises.

man arbetar i en industri

People and environments

To succeed in industrial photography, it requires a little bit from me as a photographer.

I am an experienced industrial photographer and have extensive experience with getting people in front of the camera to relax. Creating the right feeling in the pictures is very important for your end product. I am fast and do not miss the snapshots when they occur. Adding a little bit of a person always gives more feeling in your photographs. 

man som arbetar i en industri miljö

Long-experienced industrial photographer

When it comes to industrial photography, there are some factors that matter whether it will be a good picture or not. I am thinking of image composition, the right clothes and equipment for your colleagues, the right logo in the right place, body language and of course the lighting. I can make the list very long of what I think of when I photograph. But in short, I think of everything. So that you can feel calm and secure.
bild på en cylinder i industri miljö

Drone images of your industrial premises

Of course, I also fix drone images on your industrial premises. I have two different drones I use depending on the mission and weather and wind at the time of the photo.

DJI Drone

I use a DJI Phantom 4 Pro or a DJI Mavic 2 Pro with a Hasselblad camera.

In this particular photo assignment, we chose not to take pictures with drones. But maybe it suits you and your industry better?

Areal Images 

If you get customer visits, it's nice to have areal photographs on your website so that the customer can recognize themselves when they come to you, they know they are on the right street and road.

Do you want me to come out to you and take industrial photos of your business?

Call or email me and we will discuss what will be best for you.

Tel. 072 700 80 94


Looking forward to meeting you in the near future.

/ Helen Shippey

Photographer, Eskilstuna & Västerås!

Två personer tittar in på en kamera i industrimiljö
Helen Shippey and Jocke Andersson Berg

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