LinkedIn profile picture is it important?

LinkedIn profile picture is it important?

How important is your LinkedIn profile picture really?

I would say that your profile picture is very important, it is your first contact with potential new colleagues, managers and customers depending on what you work with or want to work with.

Your profile picture is your storefront to the outside world and you need to emit the right attributes that you want to stand for.

porträtt på en Västerås tjej
The image is captured with a Profoto A1 from the front and natural sunlight as hair light from the back

What does your profile picture say about you today?

Have you thought about what your profile picture that you use today on LinkedIn what it says about you? What does your chosen portrait image say about you?

Feel free to ask a friend what they think your picture says about you.

It is worth taking a few minutes to think about what my profile picture says and what do others think of my chosen profile picture? Feel free to ask a friend or colleague to see what they think your profile picture say about you and if they did not know you what idea would they get of ​​you?

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The correct light in your profile picture is important!

It is important to have 'correct' light in your profile picture. As a professional photographer, with the help of light you can make a persons face look more narrow or broader, it all depends on how I choose to lighten the portrait.

Therefore, it may be worthwhile to go to a photographer who knows how to light portraits compared to using a vacation picture taken by a family member.

5 important things to consider when choosing your LinkedIn profile picture!

There are some general things we can all think about when choosing our own profile picture for LinkedIn.

  • Your background (make sure you have a somewhat homogeneous background so that there is nothing sticking out behind your head or shoulder)
    • The Light (Do you clearly see who you are? Many people forget to add a light from behind a so-called hair light, its good for separating you from your background)
      • The cropping on your profile picture (Check the size so it fits and you should not see your feet, crop your profile picture around the breast area, you should clearly see who you are)
        • Facial Expression (You should look sympathetic so that someone dares to contact you, not angry or cocky it can have the opposite effect)
          • Body language (Think about what you do with your hands and arms, so even here you have an appealing body language that invites someone to contact you, facial expression and body language should be interconnected talking tthe same language)
Profilbild på Västerås fotografen Helen Shippey
This is my LinkedIn profile picture. I want the image to portray that I am easily accessible and have easy to laugh, I am holding my camera to convey what I work with, the image is photographed by my friend Therese Eriksson who works as a filmmaker.

Does your LinkedIn profile picture send the right signals?

Whether you are looking for a job or more clients through LinkedIn, your profile picture, is the first thing anyone sees about you, needs to send the right signals and give the right feeling to the person looking at it. Check out what you have for your profile picture today and see if you think it sends out the right signals.

Does this image fit your resume?

Before posting your profile picture, consider if you would have added the same image to your resume and sent it to a potential employer? If the answer is No then don't post the picture on LinkedIn either. LinkedIn is a business network and should be seen and used as such. You may be personal, of course, but personal does not mean that you should post private pictures that are not taken for a professional purpose.

You don't only have your profile picture to show who you are and what you are working on but also a Header picture. So use it!

Take every opportunity to show who you are on LinkedIn!

By using all the places you have the opportunity to post a picture of yourself showing who you are and what you want to do or what you work with, you stand out from the crowd! Don't miss that opportunity!

LinkedIn's Header image.

Not only is your profile picture on LinkedIn where you can show who you are, but also use your chance to expose what you do through a good Header image. Here you have some more 'advertising' space to use, and I think you should use it. Here you have the chance to make use of one or more images (one image but several in the same image you must use an editing program, and add some text if you wish).

Those who see your header image are interested in you because it is visible only if someone has clicked on your profile and it is a shame not to take your chance to clarify who you are here too.

LinkedIn porträtt bild på en Västerårs tjej
LinkedIn header image size.

Photographs in several places on LinkedIn.

There are several places in your LinkedIn profile where you can post pictures and links to websites that help the person viewing your profile to get an idea of ​​you as a person.

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås
You can post pictures, links and previous posts in your profile about yourself so why not take advantage of it by clarifying who you are and what you stand for.

Have you updated your LinkedIn profile!

Update your LinkedIn profile by adding pictures and links to what you have worked with and what you can help others with.

An image says more than 1,000 words it says so why not show what you can add to others through images and links to appropriate websites.

Here above, you can see some of my LinkedIn profile, where you can add pictures, links and previous posts to your profile about yourself so why not make use of it by clarifying who you are and what you stand for .

Here below you can see a part of my professional work role profile looks like where I have posted pictures and links to things I work with. You can add pictures and links in your professional role profile to clarify even more what you have been working on in the various jobs you have had, so why not take advantage of that by clarifying what work duties you have had.

See your LinkedIn profile as your best showcase to potential customers and employers.

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås
You can add pictures and links in your professional role profile to clarify even more what you have been working on in the various jobs you have had, so why not take advantage of that by clarifying what you have had for work assignments. A picture says more than 1,000 words it says.

Want help with your LinkedIn profile picture?

Do you feel that it is a little bit overwhelming to think which pictures are best for you, then I would be happy to help you find the right pictures for you.

Book a free consultation.

We will meet either in person or via video call if it suits you better, right now in Covid-19 times that we are in.

We go through:

  • Who you are?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What kind of work / clients are you looking for?
  • What is your dream job / who is your dream customer?
  • hobbies etc.
  • The better understanding I get about you, the better I can help you with the right images for your LinkedIn profile.

    After our meeting, I then draw up a plan for our photography session according to your needs, checking out different photo locations that fit what we have discussed together. Some pictures maybe should be taken outdoors, some in a work environment? It can vary depending on who you are and what you want your pictures to signal and say about you. It's about creating unique images that gives a feeling with the person looking at them.

    Feel free to contact me and we can book a suitable day to meet.

    / Helen Shippey


    Tel. 072 700 80 94

    Photographer in Västerås!

LinkedIn porträtt bild på en Västerårs tjej
The image is taken outdoors in Västerås center with the help of a Profoto A1 flash and natural light on a cloudy day.

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