Meet me

Helen Shippey the photographer that prefers the outdoors.

I enjoy the freedom to be able to bring my camera equipment and basically work wherever I want and feel for today.

My daughter has through her short life been involved in more photo assignments than she can probably count herself. Everything from that I have gone from a photo shoot to breastfeed for a while to now that she is 7 and helping out assisting a little with holding flashes to hiking with us in the mountains.

I love helping others, I want to inspire you to be better at taking your own pictures and to dare to take the step of doing what you are driven by that will make you want to get out of bed in the morning. I would like to share how you, like me, can make the life puzzle work with working freelance with children who at the same time needs to stay up to date with their school work.

I think it’s fun to collaborate with people I like don’t you? You maybe want to join me on my next photo adventure?


My name is Roger Binbach. I love the nature, I am a bit of a tech freak & like adventure according to my friends. For me it is a given to share tips & advice to make you successful and together we may create new APPLE 🙂

I love the nature, the adventure & the tranquility it offers – although I’m not quite sure how to do it at all times (suspect you are just like me).

Photography has become my reason for exploring new places, the reason for developing new skills – photographic, mental and physical – and has also become an endless challenge. The constant creative challenge is something I am grateful for. I don’t like to feel static and stagnant in life or work, and the great thing about photography is that there is always a new image to explore, a new feeling to convey, newly developed technology that opens the door to new opportunities. It is a wonderful lifestyle that we share in our mini team.

The light of the mountains, the beauty of nature & the infinity of the landscape have really taken hold of me.


Three qualities I have according to my friends: Empathy for others, very curious, very careful & offers a laugh.

When I’m in the car myself, I sing so it echoes in the car

My secret party trick is to stand in frog position

I laugh so I cry of Helen’s miss sayings that she makes all the time

A superpower I wanted to have is: Removing psychosocial ill health & suicide