Sport photography

Sport photography is basically about taking pictures of the sport and capturing the moments when they happen.

Sport photography

What does sports photography mean?

Sport photography is basically about taking pictures of the sport and capturing the moments when the player is in action. Without an audience, sports would be nothing and therefore sport photography also includes the audience.

A good sports image conveys a feeling. No matter what sport you are watching, it is inevitable to take part in many emotional moments. The truth is that without all these feelings, sports would not be anything.

I help you capture those moments in my photographs, everything from joy and anger to disappointment and surprise. I mainly focus on the player but the audience is also important in conveying emotion.

Experience of many different photography assignments

One day is never the same to the next when it comes to photo assignments and not least when it comes to sports photography. Here the days and assignments can look completely different depending on what kind of photographs the customer is asking for and what sport it is.

I have many years of experience in photographing events and competitions, most notably golf.

Because I have worked with different types of customers who have had different wishes, my area of ​​knowledge is wide and I am well prepared for all possible situations that may arise.

Weather and game schedules can never be influenced but with careful planning everything is possible.

What you say about me!

It’s always fun to hear what you think of me it boosts me to succeed together with you.

You radiate and your commitment is top notch. The result was so nice! We highly recommend you!

Johanna Forsman

A top photographer who is really super professional and passionate about what she does! There were Top pics!

Linn Andersson

Helen is wonderful, she makes you relax with her friendliness and our photos came out great! Thanks so much!

Linda Forster Bielicki

Sport photography hand in hand with media

The main reason for photography in professional sports is the media. As a sports photographer you usually work for magazines, agencies or special sports magazines where the images then end up. Sports photographers are also used for the purpose of advertising, to build a brand or to promote a sport that might otherwise not be featured in the media. I photograph everything from golf to motorsport.

Sport photographer with base in Västerås, Sweden

When I am out on sport assignments, I always photograph different types of pictures so that you as a customer can then have a large variety of pictures to choose from. In order to succeed and get really good pictures during sports photography, the first step is the most important. We sit down with the customer and find out what is important about the image and what it should convey. In order to be able to get different emotions in the pictures, there are different types of camera settings used. Thanks to long experience in sports photography, I have learned a lot and tested a lot to get a good image that you as a customer will be happy with in the end.

What some of my clients think of me

I appreciate getting feedback from my customers it helps me to develop myself and my business so here I share with you some more thoughts that my clients have about me and my photography service to them.

Professionally performed work. The pictures were very good and they were delivered quickly. Can warmly recommend Helen Shippey to anyone who needs a professional photographer.

Thomas Sjöstrand
VD/Ägare av We Do It Bygg & Kakel AB

Helen is a driven photographer with great commitment. In addition, it is fun to work with her. Delivery and communication are fast and keep top quality!

Fredrik Bertilsson
Business Leader at Berotec

Super nice and professional! Good at calming nervousness and I felt both comfortable and relaxed when I was photographed. Helen really has an eye for detail and all the pictures turned out great! I can warmly recommend her. Thank you for a nice collaboration!

Gentiana Murseli
Delägare av Skyltstället Västerås