In order to get really good pictures during sports photography, the first step is incredibly important. You work out with the customer what is the most important thing about the image and what it is it should convey. Should it express joy or tranquility, professionalism or is it taken in in documentary style? To get these different feelings, there are different types of camera settings you can use to succeed. With experience comes lessons learned and it is important to test yourself to get a good picture that the customer will be satisfied with in the end.

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Camera settings for feel and sharpness in the image

When I am photographing my sports assignments, I always photograph different types of images so that the customer can then have a variety of pictures to choose from. But basically, their choice depends on which image conveys the event best for them, what the exact purpose is and what it will be used for.

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To give more feel to the images, I use the setting Motion blur with a long shutter speed . Do you want to have a sharp image with a different feel than the above, you should use a quick shutter speed which means stopping a motion in its action and getting a sharpness in the image.

Motorsport photography should give the appearance of movement

When photographing motorsport, you do not want it to look like the car has been parked in a curve but you want to see the tires move on the car and that it came at high speed.

To succeed with this image, or take pictures of something else that is in motion, it helps a lot to pan with what you need to take a photo of. Then you can get the car or the object in focus and get a sharp picture. When I pan, I have already chosen where I want to take the picture, ie where the car should be when I press the shutter button.
While panning with your object, it is important that you stand correct with your feet and have them in the direction the object should move towards, otherwise it is easy for you to fall over when you are trying to keep up with the movement. You need to follow the movement with your entire body to create the best image with sharpness on the car and make the background look blurred.

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We never just photograph one image, we always take several photos in succession to get the best and most suitable image. When you then go through all the pictures you have taken, you can easily exclude those who caught the movement the eldats pleasing to the eye and use the ones who managed to capture the speed in the best way.

Invest in the right camera

The setting on your camera is very important when it comes to taking pictures in motion, but it is also important that you have invested in a good camera made for just that . Your camera is your closest tool and it has to do it properly.
There are a variety of cameras with special qualifications and some cameras are more suited for sports photography than others. What is important to look for when buying a camera for shooting sports is how many images the camera is capable of taking in a quick succession.
When investing in a good camera, it is also important that you invest in a memory card that loads images at the same speed. Otherwise, you may be restricted because your memory card does not maintain the same speed your camera is taking.

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