Storytelling also known as stock images

Storytelling also known as stock images

Strengthen your brand with unique images. Your photos you show tell who you and your company are, so think about how your customers look at you. How are you perceived? Are you communicating the right message with your pictures today? What story does your pictures tell?

Feel free to ask anyone based on how they perceive your brand. May be interesting answers. Do you look cheap? Expensive? Have solid knowledge? Thoughtful? Service minded?

Yes, the answers can at least be interesting and at the same time very educational!

You will get black and white if there is something in your imagery that you need to change or clarify.

Own image bank

One way to stand out from the crowd is with your own images. I come to you and create your own brand-building images that tell you who you are and what you work with. All your photos will be unique and fit your business. Your pictures will tell your story!

It's not easy to stick out if you use stock images. These images have been sold in quantities so they will not communicate anything special to you and your company.

You can check how many times a picture is displayed on various websites on the internet via the here website . I randomly selected one of my interior decor photos that I have taken in a hotel in Taba, Egypt, to test this site.

I got the result that my selected image is on 19 different websites. I tested a photo I had taken at a hotel called Taba Sands Hotel & Casino. This company wanted to use the images to advertise themselves and get more customers to their hotel, so it's clear that that image in one of their hotel rooms will appear on several different hotel booking sites. </ p>

The homepage you can search for if your images are on other pages is called: < / a> </ p>

If you choose to make use of pictures that you have purchased from a picture bank, there is a great risk that they are on many pages and what does that say about you and your company? Something to think about.

Sökresultat vid sökning av en bild på hur många hemsidor bilden finns på

A photographer sees the light

If you hire a photographer, they can quickly determine if it is a good place to shoot or not. If it's not the "right" light, a professional photographer can illuminate a room to suit you and your business. Did you know that with light you can make someone look narrower or bigger? So why not choose a professional photographer who knows the trick and knows how to light up properly?

A photographer can coach you

I always coach my corporate clients on how to stand and act in front of the camera to get the best picture of them. I understand that it's not every day you stand in front of the camera and that some may find it a bit uncomfortable. I promise I'll make it super fun and easy for you to stand in front of my camera. Body language has a big impact on what a picture says about you and your company, so I'll help you with that and the right position to highlight your best self.

You are; laidback, refusing, questioning, questioning, shy, cocky, trusting or determined etc. Your body language conveys more than you might have thought.

Modeplåtning av kvinna i Västerås

We buy from someone we trust

We all want to be engaged by those behind a company. We are curious about who they are and we would rather trade from a human being than a company. By that, I mean you need to humanize your business and show the people who work there. We would rather buy from someone we know and trust. So at least I work!

Should I renovate the kitchen or get a career coach, I would rather contact someone who clearly shows their personality online on their website and on their social channels. Compared to if I look at a company where they hide behind an impersonal website where I have no idea who the person and company is. I want to hire someone who has a brand that feels reliable that I can trust. That is, someone I feel I have a relationship with.

How do you act yourself?

Think about how you act and think when you search for a service or product and apply it to your own company. </ P>

naturbild DJI Drönare

I'll help you!

I help you super create your own unique image bank images that reflect you and your business and show who you are and your services / products.

Searching for the right photo location

I'll help you find the right photo spot for you. It is important that the photo environment is suitable for you and your company. It must be a red thread so that no mismatches in your image communication. I have a large network in Västerås and Västra Mälardalen to find good and suitable photo locations if your office does not fit or if you work from home.

Dare to be unique!

I often have long conversations with my clients to find out what their USP (Unique Selling Point) is, because that's what I want to capture in the picture. It is your USP that makes you unique and that your customers find you and want to buy what you sell whether it is a product or a service.


My unique USP is that I easily get an understanding of what my customers have for image needs and how we smoothly and nicely solve it so that their images become unique. But above all, it suits them and their business. The right image in the right place is my motto!

Kvinna navigerar drönare ute i naturen

Drönarpilot! </ H2>

You may not know that I am also a drone pilot so I can mix pictures from the slopes with pictures from above. I have two different drones that I use out of. One is called DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the other DJI Mavic Pro 2 . So there are no excuses for not creating cool and unique images for you!

Free consultation

Want to book me for a free consultation where we go through your image communication you have today and discuss how I can help you? Call or email me.
Tel. 072 700 80 94
Mail. helen @ shippey.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

/ Helen Shippey

Västerås photographer!

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