The challenge of rally photography

The challenge of rally photography

Photographing race and rally competitions is not always as easy as it may look despite having great fun and getting the chance to work in an inspiring and very familiar environment. It may be a daunting challenge to be able to get great pictures at the end of the day and at the same time not expose yourself or others to anydanger.

The most important thing is to make sure the car is sharp in the picture, it is the one that should be in focus, while at the same time it should appear that it is in motion. You can see in the picture that the rally car is going at a very high speed. To succeed in this, you have to pan with the car and have a slightly longer shutter speed than you usually have in other sport photographs.

Skoda rallybil i skogen i Västerås

Dangers with Rally Photography

It is good to have some knowledge of the sport and to know how rally competitions work so as not to put yourself and others in danger before going out for rally photography.
Find a suitable and good place to take your pictures but never stand in an outer curve and photograph as it can be really dangerous.

Rally has very high speeds and the cars come extremely fast one after the other so it is important to be prepared and cautious if you are going from one place to another during the race.

It is a good idea to have the rally radio on to hear how things are going on the roads, if there are any crashes and stops or if something else has happened. It is important to keep informed and updated throughout the rally competitions.

Sportfotograf i Västerås

Familiar and inspirational environment

It is always nice to be out and capture rally photos, since you get to be outdoors in a beautiful environment. It is a nice community in the sport and between the rally drivers and their teams they often assist each other in the service depo if needed. Everyone acts like you are one big family and that’s not something you get to experience in all sports. It's great to be able to be part in that!

Also, there are always a lot of families with you when you are out at these competitions in the forest. There are whole families on site and they bring picnics, chairs and blankets and make it a wonderful all-day activity by being out in the woods and watching the rally.

it has happened that I have by accident chosen to stand and photograph in a place where Chanterelles grow and it may have happened that I picked a chanterelle or two .. you can’t just see an edible mushroom and not pick it up and bring it home and fry it with some butter… :-)

/Helen Shippey

Sport photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

Svampplockare i skogen i Västerås

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