The importance of light in your image

The importance of light in your image

When photographing, you are extremely dependent on light. It can be natural light or artificial light. Without any light, there will be no image, as simple as that.

In my photo classes I will be happy to help you understand how light affects your image. Light in images often creates emotions in the image.

svenskt naturlandskap

Wait for the right light!

Photographing nature pictures is a bit like fishing .. you might come home with a big catch or you might not. For us photographers, it depends a lot on the light and what you want to photograph for the moment. If you are looking for nature pictures or street photography in the city, then you generally want images with lots of contrasts i.e. dark and light parts of in your picture. While if I am out and about to photograph portraits, I am usually happier if there are no strong changes in light, ie a big cloud in the sky is to be preffered. The cloud then acts like a large soft box, which means that the light becomes a little bit more diffused (softer) and makes the shadows softer. Strong sunlight creates strong shadows on your subject.

Två naturbilder med och utan redigering
The top image has a flat light it was cloudy when taken. The lower picture saw the sun emerge for a while and shone through the trees.

Flat light vs. light with contrasts

Can you edit a boring image to make it interesting?

-Yes, you can do that.

But imagine yourself when you are out in the woods and the magic light is naturally created for you. You don't have to spend a lot of time editing and trying to beautify an image. It's a wonderful feeling I can say. A bit of a bliss when the sun shines through the clouds and creates both light and shadows at the same time due to how it falls in the nature, through the leaves on the trees etc.

Look at the pictures above, where you can clearly see that the top picture has a very dull flat light while the lower picture looks much more interesting, although it is taken at exactly the same place at almost the same time. But with and without sun. The sun behind a cloud vs. that the sun shone through the tree tops.

Be patient

My best advice to those who like to photograph nature landscape is to have patience. I'm not the best at patience myself I admit, but I recognize if it's any idea to take the picture or not. If I have my Profoto flashes like Profoto B1 with me, then I can create the picture with or without the sun! I have my own sun with me :)

You always see something new

I don't mind walking the same tail several times with my camera. I always see something new, may be due to my mood, walking partner or that the light falls differently - what do I know. But I often come home with different kinds of pictures even though I have already walked the same paths before. If I am out in the wild, then it is possible that you can spot different kinds of animals and they are of course not always there. You also have seasons that are different that makes the nature look different and different animals are more or less present.

2 kvinnor och 1 man som fotograferar under en fotoutbildning

Photo courses in Västmanland

When I have my outdoor photo courses, I choose strategic places based on what I can teach in that area. Sometimes the focus is nature photography, long shutter speeds, street photography, macro photography, evening photography and architect photography. I have made the arrangement so that you can attend several photo courses and learn something new every time.

Private Photo Courses

I also have private photography courses for you who want to learn something specific yourself or who are unable to participate in the group photos I have scheduled. Read more here about my private photo courses

Mentoring in Photos!

You also have the opportunity to participate in my Mentorship in photography for 6 months. Everything happens digitally so it doesn't matter where you live. I tailor your mentoring based on what you want to get out of it. Read more about it here.

I hope I've been able to inspire you a bit more and for you to get an understanding of what light means in a picture. If it doesn't look that exciting, just bring a chair and wait for the right light!

/ Helen Shippey

Photographer in Västerås!

naturbild DJI Drönare

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