The choice has not always been easy as to why we should switch to WordPress. But after a deep dive into WordPress’s wonderful world, it became easy to choose. What we got when we went over is an unbeatable tool to build a blog with as well as many solutions to integrate newsletters, blogs and many other more technical solutions that have been impossible with Wix, which we used before. Sure it is a steep learning curve but most of the time I have learned from many different inspirational people in Facebook groups & YouTube channels.

I want to show you the benefits of WordPress – that’s why I’ve written a list of reasons why we switched & of course I hope you can also take advantage of these reasons for your upcoming project in the WordPress world.


What I liked is that it was much easier than I thought to get started with Wordpress. I started to read loads of different reviews about different web hosting to see if customer service was good, compare the speed of different web hosting as it is extremely important for the website's ranking with Google & that the web host had 1-click solution for installing Wordpress.


When choosing a theme in Wordpress (website layout) I wanted the themeto be easy to edit & that it would be good help to get through various Wordpress groups on Facebook. The themes I like and are easy to use are clearly WP Ocean & Astra which is also free. Having said that, you still need to customize themes in Wordpress with fonts, images and text.

It's very easy to find your own theme in the Wordpress dashboard and there are many to choose from. Once you have found the right theme, you click on "install theme".

There are also themes for which you can pay a fee and they are easily found at which is an incredibly good place to look for different things that belong to Wordpress. One thing I didn't think about at first when buying a theme was that it had to be customizable for the web host. If it is not customizable, the theme will not work properly. But again, there are an incredible number of talented people in the Wordpress community who are willing to help. I myself would love to help because it's so damn fun.

My tip to you is to choose a theme that suits you in the best way possible. Much is also about how much time you want to spend on your website and what adjustments you can make to the theme. Buying a theme can be good if you want to get started quickly, but stop up and think about what you feel is important before you make a decision.

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Why Wordpress is absolutely amazing in my opinion is that there are many plugins for different functions. If you want different forms, payment solutions, web shops, photo galleries etc. there are a number of different plugins. But what I have learned is that you should not choose too many plugins (apps), the reason is that they affect the speed of your page. What I also noticed was that all plugins doesn't fit all themes.

The tip to you is that it is easy to nerd down! The possibilities are incredible when it comes to plugins, but choose carefully so you only take what is needed. Choosing too many plugins will slow your site down and in turn may affect your SEO rankings on Google.

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As you probably understand, there are a myriad of reasons to use Wordpress. It's too big to cover everything in a single post. The absolute best thing you can do is click around in Wordpress and learn everything step by step on your own. Then you will gain a better understanding of Wordpress & its capabilities. Since I know that there are an incredible number of simple tips, I am putting together a step by step workshop, where I want you to easily get everything you need about plugins, themes, special menus and more.

Below are some general tips about Wordpress:

  • When writing a post about what you're passionate about on your Wordpress page, it's good if you can share your posts socially. There are many different social plugins you can have on your site to make it easy for your visitors to share your posts.
  • A very important security tip for you is to not have "admin" as your username when logging in to your site. Using the wrong username means exposing your site to hacking and posing an unnecessary security risk.
  • Not writing texts that are for Google search robots. Write text that evokes a feeling or is inspirational. The text is not for robots, the text is for readers of your site.
  • Always use relevant titles and descriptions. These are texts that your readers will find you on if they do a Google search. I recommend Yoast SEO to help you with online visibility.
  • Make sure you have not uploaded any unnecessary files in your media archive as this will impair the performance of your site. This also applies to many plugins and plugins that are not active.
  • Always update your Wordpress page, plugin, themes and more. If you do not update, the page can be hacked more easily.
  • Hope I have been able to help you with my own experience of Wordpress, as well as how you go about using this wonderful tool. If you want to deepen your knowledge more, please send an email. I'm also putting together a workshop so you can geek down as much as me :)

    Glad you read all the way down here, have a really nice day // Roger

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