Wedding Photography – How does it work?

Wedding Photography – How does it work?

Many people want to capture their big day with photographs, I help them to capture the moments and preserve their memories. It’s a fantastic day and an honor to photograph a wedding, but what many may not know is that it takes a lot of planning before it’s time for the big day.

There are those who want me to be with them all day and photograph preparations, the whole wedding ceremony and the reception, but also those who only want the couple photography. I say yes to both!

Bröllopsgäster i hjärtformation

Consultation with the bridal couple

A while before the wedding is due, I sit down with the bridal couple and have 1h consultation. We go through what they have in mind and their plans for their wedding. I want to know what is important for them to get documented during their wedding day, which people that are important to photograph as well as who have roles such as toastmasters and bridesmaids during the wedding. I also find out if the bridal couple only want photographs captured from the ground or if they are also interested in drone photography.

There are many opportunities for wedding photography and I always strive to achieve the wedding couple's desires.

Bröllopsbild av nygift par

Couple photography - test photography shoot before the wedding day

If there is enough time before the wedding I would like to do a couple photography shoot a few months before the wedding, I usually call it a test photography shoot.

This photo shoot should be in the same place as where the wedding will take place. I want to do this test shoot with the couple so that they can feel at ease with how the couple photography shoot during their wedding will be. It is also important for me to know what it looks like on the location, even though I have it all planned out its also good for the bride and groom to know what places where we will photograph them at. The location can of course be changed during the wedding day depending on the weather. I always have a few back up plans up my sleeve if the weather does not behave the way we prefer it to :)

Vigselringar på nygift par

Photographs for the wedding invitations.

These photos taken during the couple photography shoot are popular to use for various things during the wedding. Such as, wedding invitations, guestbook, wedding information sheet and it is also popular to have a large canvas photograph for the guests to sign.

Bröllopsfotografering av brudpar

Wedding Photography - Full Day

If the wedding couple wish to have a full-day photo shoot I stay with the couple for the full day (8 hours)

I start by photographing and documenting while the bride is getting ready. I participate when the bride's hair gets fixed and makeup is applied.
I also attend when the groom gets himself ready if he is getting ready in close proximity to the bride otherwise there are usually no time for me to capture them both. Thats when the couple usually want me to focus on the bride.

I follow everything that happens during the bridal couple's wedding day. I photograph everything from the beautiful wedding ceremony, the reception, speeches etc. I capture everything that we have gone through before hand that the couple feels are important parts of their day.

I usually pull away when the disco dance starts but it depends entirely on how the couple's planning looks.

Do you have any questions regarding wedding photography just let me know.

/Helen Shippey

Wedding photographer in Västerås, Sweden!

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