Which is the best lens?

Which is the best lens?

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västeråa

There are a plenty of different lenses on the market today. But which is the best lens?

Yes, it obviously depends on what you are going to photograph. There is nothing right or wrong here a lot is up to your taste and preference. Then there are recommendations from the manufacturer, what they thought you should use the lens for, but there is no law so do what you prefer and feel is right.

With that being said, I have a favorite. A Go To Lens

This favorite can sometimes vary a bit but right now and has been for a while now is my Canon 24-70 mm F2.8 L lens!

I obviously use other lenses because I photograph many different things, it is not always the best with a 24-70mm lens.

It's actually Roger that has made me change lenses a little bit more often than I may have done of late. I became very comfortable for a while and only used one lens even though I had several others to choose from. Think it was when he slightly threatened that if I only used the one lens we could sell all the others that were not being used?

So felt I had to prove the opposite and that I could use more lenses during the same shoot :)

I saw a video from an American photographer who used a minimum of 5 different lenses when photographing young senior portraits, he used it as a selling point to why his photography cost X was just because he used it so many different lenses! For him it meant quality and he wanted to emphasie that he had a lot of equipment.

I don't know if it impressed his customers that he wanted to make it sound?

Change lenses often

Once I decided to use more lenses, during the same photo shoot, although I sometimes didn’t see the benefits with it, but I did anyway I actually became extremely proud of myself. I did not take what Roger called the 'lazy' road and did as I used to, but thought a little differently outside the box as you may put it so nicely and photographed more according to what I teach in my photo workshops.

Challenge yourself!

It is when you challenge yourself that you come home with pictures that may surprise yourself and definitely the customer as well. So dare to challenge yourself every time you hold your camera!

Change perspective often so you get completely different pictures even if you take photos on the same thing (object).

Photo Critique

It's good to have someone close who dares to question you and say as it sometimes is. Do you have someone who dares to be honest with you?

It could be a family member or a friend. It is important to have an open mind so that you are susceptible to criticism. It is not always fun to hear what they think, but it can be very useful.

When it comes to photos and pictures, everything is still subjective, whether a picture is good or bad is very individual. For example, I may not like a picture, but that does not make the picture bad. But it just doesn't fit my liking and feeling.

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås
Using a Canon 24-70mm F 2.8 L at this model photo shoot in Dubai

Why do I like my Canon 24-70 mm f.2.8 lens so much.

It is a very versatile lens because you have both wide angle and zoom. So shooting in a small room works very well.

It's incredibly sharp. Before I investing in this lens I used the Canon 24-105mm F.4.0 L which is also a good lens, but I feel the difference in how more blurry you can make a background eg. since you can open up to full F. 2.8 compared to F. 4.0.

Företagsfotograf Helen Shippey i Västerås

Canon's telephoto zoom lens

For a long time I had my Canon 70-200 mm F.2.8 L telephoto zoom lens as my favorite lens. It provides such a beautiful blurred background behind the person you are photographing.

I often use this telephoto zoom lens when I want to take snapshots. When I photograph people at a company, I stand in the distance and photograph great action pictures for the company on how their employees really work. It's not going to be those fake pictures where you tell someone to do the same thing several times to capture the right movement in their job.

Telephoto zoom lenses are also smart to use sometimes when you want to compress an image. By that, I mean if you want people to experience that things are closer than they really are. Take a landscape picture eg. then you can make the mountains that are far away to look like they are closer than they really are. If you take the same picture with a wide angle, the mountains appear to be super far away as they may also be for real.

Canon kamerahus och objektiv

Fixed focal length

Canon 50mm F. 1.8 with fixed focal length is a lens that takes super beautiful images. I use it far too rarely it feels like. When I go out and do some street photography I often put on that lens, mostly because it's small so everything looks a lot smaller and doesn't steal as much attention as well as fit in my little camera bag which is a big plus.

My conclusion about which lens is best depends on your photo situation .. what you are capturing as well as the feeling you are after. How much space you have in your photography bag and what you can cope with carrying. Telephoto zoom is generally much heavier to watch.

Please tell me which is your favorite lens. It's always fun to hear how others are photographing - that's how we all learn something new! Because there's no right or wrong remember that!

Do you have anything you would like to add, just let me know.

/Helen Shippey 

Corporate photographer in Västerås, Sweden!


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