Why hire a professional photographer

Why hire a professional photographer

In today’s post, I will describe a bit about the reasons for and the benefits of hiring a professional photographer. The concept of professional and professionalism is well described by Wikipedia: “The term Professionalism distinguishes those who practice something professionally from those who practice the same thing as hobbies, who are called laymen or amateurs. The word comes from the Latin professio, which means task, profession. “

Modeplåtning av kvinna i Västerås

What is it like to be a professional?

Professional for me is not only that you live on photography but for example also the way you perform assignments. I both live on photography but always strive to act professionally in everything I do, regardless of the size of the client or the assignment. I have lived on photography for 13 years and absolutely love it. For me, it is a privilege to wake up every morning and know that I can live on what I love to do. I simply love my job. 

So what sets a professional photographer apart from a non-professional photographer? In terms of quality, it does not need to differ at all. Nor in the treatment of customers and clients. The price level is often a big difference and I often notice this when I participate in procurements and the like, precisely that I who have to live on photography often have a higher price than the hobby photographers who are also involved in the procurement.

porträtt på en tjej som fotograferar i industrimiljö

Experience & Versatility!

I think the biggest difference is the experience and versatility that we who live on photography often have. During my 13 years as a photographer, I have often encountered new challenges, the conditions for the assignment have changed significantly and I am sometimes forced to work with the knife to the throat. That is when the experience and the broad knowledge come into the picture. In these situations, I have always managed to solve it so that the customer has been satisfied and many times exceeded his expectations. Just such occasions feel extra good considering the conditions. Then I'm happy to be a professional photographer.

Some conditions that often change are everything from schedule changes if the model or person to be photographed, for example, goes and gets sick, that something breaks, that the natural light is not in that way I thought it would be, that something we can not influence will be delayed such as a delivery.

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If we talk further about the experience, it is so very important to be able to do a job. Skilled photographers can often get a sample image of a customer and then be able to recreate it as similarly as possible. I would like to say that is 100% skill and 0% luck. In skill also lies the experience - you simply know how to get a certain feeling in the pictures, how the flashes should stand, how the model should look into the camera (or not), etc.

A real example of where professionalism and experience play a big role, I will tell you about here

Imagine that you work as a marketing manager for a large company with over 100 employees. You have now booked portrait photography where all but five people can participate. The photography goes well and you get the pictures. The next day, the remaining people will be photographed and you expect the images from both days to look the same in color, white balance and size in order for it to be uniform. That can happen, but it can also be the exact opposite, believe me.

Based on my role, I think even before the first shoot about how the light is in the environment where we are going to shoot. Are fluorescent lamps able to affect? How is the sun, where does the light enter the room? Is there anything else that can affect the images? These are very important questions to take into account as day 1 is sunny and nice and the pictures may get a little touch of sunlight while it is overcast and gray day 2. I may have the same setup day 2 as day 1 but the pictures may come completely different and then I have not delivered in a way that the customer wants. 

What do I do then? Since I have been through this so many times before, I ensure at the first shoot that I can recreate the images in a day, a year or in 10 years. I ensure that I, as the photographer, control the light, that I, as the photographer, take the command and simply decide how it should be - in order to recreate the images.

man tar ut bröd från ugnen - fel och rätt vitbalans
Bild på två räksmörgåsar med olika vitbalans på bilderna
porträttbilder på 2 män


Experience of having worked with many different clients around the world also makes it easier, of course. Because I have worked with over 800 clients in over 6 countries, I have encountered all sorts of requests, both regarding the pictures in the assignment and how the handover of these takes place.

Some people want images sent to them via email, others via their own FTP servers and that the images should be tagged and named in a certain way. No matter how you want it, I solve it. I know what to think about when it comes to file sizes, pixel density and much more that the average person and in some cases customers do not think you want but that you will be surprised and happy to get. 

With this article, I do not want to step on or slap other photographers, but rather make customers and clients open their eyes to the difference between hiring an amateur and hiring a professional photographer. 

Hire a professional photographer and get the job done right!

The first time :)

/ Helen Shippey

Photographer in Västerås!

Profilbild på Västerås fotografen Helen Shippey
This is my LinkedIn profile picture. I want the image to portray that I am easily accessible and have easy to laugh, I am holding my camera to convey what I work with, the image is photographed by my friend Therese Eriksson who works as a filmmaker.

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