Let me inspire you and expand your development and to dare to take the next step towards taking better photographs yourself!

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Do you work with your company’s social media channels, select and take your own pictures to your different platforms?

  • You feel that sometimes you don't really get the picture right
  • You use the camera / phone in auto mode
  • You think it's a little difficult to take pictures indoors
  • You do not feel comfortable taking photographs with flash
  • You find that many courses talk in difficult photo terms you do not understand

You want to get good photographs of your employees and what happens at work but feel that you do not really reach every time.

Enhance your business experience.

All pictures and videos tell something to the viewer. Think about what it is you tell people about you and your company with the photographs and videos you show on your website and on your social platforms.

Whats included in the course?

I love to share my knowledge and want to including more people in how to photograph for best results, I share my knowledge in a simple and easy way.

  • The aim with the course is that you will develop your ability to capture better photographs with your own photo equipment.
  • Get an understanding of how light affects your images
  • What you should consider when composing an image
  • Simple tips on how to take a photograph that convey the right feeling
  • Tips on what to think about when taking a photograph
  • Photo equipment tips that fit your business and your needs

You have my support

I will  hold you in your hand all the way

Equipment you need

I help you with what your equipment needs are inorder to succeed with your photography and filming to social media.


I will support you in taking better pictures with your own photo equipment.

Help you navigate

I will help you navigate among the different social platforms you use, talk layouts and graphic design.

do you want me to come to you?

Sign up here if you want me to come to your company to help you see what photo equipment you need, can be anything from your phone to a DSLR camera to microphones that suit your needs to make better sound for your videos. I will help you with how to use your excisting equipment or the one you invest in.

My own photography school

My name is Helen Shippey and I had a relatively tough photo school from both teachers and colleagues.

Because I was treated with such tough exterior and what I consider the wrong way at times when I started to photograph, I want to make changes to it and really share my knowledge as I wish someone had done for me when I needed it most of all.

I started photographing full-time 12 years ago in the male-dominated Middle East, not everyone lets you in on what they consider to be their territory especially as a woman, until I managed to prove that my photographs were something to count on.