Shippey Delivers World Class Photography

Our productions in still imaging and motion video stands out from the croud.

Looking For An Extraordinary Photography Experience?

Shippey is a Photography Agency based in Sweden, providing a premium experience of still photography, motion video and aerial photography all over the world for picky businesses. Are you Picky? Well...

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Still Photography

Photo is where we at Shippey have our base. It is our foundation and something we are extremely skilled at. Our customers expect premium and that is exactly what we deliver.

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Aerial Photography

The drone segment is a compliment to photo and video and is often linked to one of the projects we work with. We deliver photo and video on a completely different level with professional drone technology.

Northvolt i Västerås valde Shippey för områdesbilder och verksamhetsbilder, drönare

Motion Video

Our video productions stand out. We keep it simple and crunchy and create something that lasts over time, not just for the moment. Campaigns, Interviews and social media.

Picky Customers

Shippey levererar foto, drönarbilder och video i västerås, köping och mälardalen

Feel Free To Contact Us

If you ran into problems or just don't like forms, send us an email to You can also call us at +46 72 700 80 94.

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